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Returning to Work After a Break: 4 Tips for a Smooth Transition

return to work after career break
4 tips to return to work

Did you know that nearly 40% of women and 24% of men take a career break at some point? Whether you've been globetrotting, raising a family, or pursuing personal goals, re-entering the workforce can feel like diving into a pool after years on dry land. Fear not. This guide is your floatation device!

1. Updating Skills

Industries evolve faster than a chameleon changes colours. Consider online platforms like Coursera or LinkedIn Learning for courses to stay relevant. They're like gyms for your brain, offering a workout in everything from coding to communication.

2. Leveraging Past Experiences

Your past experience is a gold mine. Reframe it for your new role. Think of your resume as your personal marketing brochure and LinkedIn as your billboard. Resources like "The Muse" offer fantastic tips on resume crafting.

3. Managing Work-Life Balance

Balance isn't a myth! Tools like Google Calendar or Trello can help organize your life. Remember, saying 'no' is as crucial as saying 'yes.' And self-care? Non-negotiable. Apps like Headspace offer a slice of tranquillity on a hectic day.

4. Networking

Networking isn't just for extroverts! Rekindle old professional relationships with a simple "Hello" on LinkedIn. Attend webinars or local meetups in your field. Websites like can be your gateway to these events.

You're not just returning to work but stepping into your next adventure. With a blend of new skills, polished experiences, a balanced life, and a strong network, the world is your oyster. Dive back in, and don't forget to share your journey or tips in the comments – let's support each other in this exciting chapter!

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