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Are you under quarter life crisis? Here is 7 tips to help you find self-discovery in your 20s

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Do you feel like your life is going nowhere and you're just stuck? Are you wondering what self-discovery could do for you and how to start self-discovery in your 20s? If so, then this article is for you.

A self-discovery journey doesn't have to kill the fun in your life at all! Instead, you'll be doing things that are more fulfilling or productive, rather than wasting time on distracting activities that are not important. It's actually enriching when you get results from self-discovery in your 20s.

After taking some time out for self-reflection, everything may seem more clear - where you stand now in comparison with where you want to go in life, who you want to surround yourself with, and what you want your future self to look like. You'll learn more about yourself and how to become a better version of yourself.

By taking some time for self-discovery, you can:

a) Confront your flaws and either work on them or accept them;

b) Reconnect with what excites you;

c) Make the most out of self-care without 'wasting' time;

d) Figure out who's in your life for the long term and who isn't;

e) Have fun - discover new things about the world instead of wasting time on distractions

f) There are many reasons why self-discovery is essential! It's about self-awareness.

Self-discovery is not just for people in their 20s, but it's the best time to start self-discovery if you haven't done so before. Think of self-discovery as your self-development journey and self-improvement path to take - you need self-reflection and self-awareness (critical components of self-discovery) to become a better version of yourself and make the most out of life!

The following tips can be used as guidelines depending on where you stand in your life at this point:

1) Do what makes you happy

When was the last time you did something that made you genuinely happy? It sounds simple, but many people tend to forget that we were all born happy. Being happy is a choice, not a result - self-discovery in your 20s is about finding out what you actually want from yourself and from life on an ongoing basis. You can't blindly stumble through life and hope that things will get better - do something that makes you genuinely happy right now! If self-development and self-discovery were just for the purpose of 'finding happiness,' then it wouldn't be worthwhile at all. Still, self-discovery leads to self-improvement and self-transformation (which leads to happiness).

2) Reconnect with your passions

Self‑discovery allows you to learn more about yourself, so you know what really matters to you. It's easy to forget what motivates you or excites you, but self-discovery reminds us of the things that make us happy. So do something every day to reconnect with your passions - start a project that really makes you excited or spend time doing something that interests you. You'll be surprised by how self-discovery can stir up all these emotions within you!

3) Self‑care is about self‑worth

Self‑care is not just for beauty purposes - it should be part of self-discovery in your 20s so you can become more confident and self-assured. When was the last time you truly believed in yourself? We forget how vital self-love is because we're so caught up in making others love us first (through self-sacrifice). Self‑care is self-love on steroids - self‑care lets you know that you are worth spending time on yourself. It's like self-discovery for self-improvement because self-care helps us become more aware of our bad habits and destructive behaviour. If self‑discovery is about self-awareness, then self‑care is the process of becoming the best version of yourself that accumulates into a better life.

4) Reach out to people who matter

Reach out to the right kind of people in your life - those who make you feel good, those who inspire and motivate you towards positive growth and happiness. Reconnect with old friends and family and let them know how much they mean to you.

5) Find self-discovery by self-reflection

Self‑discovery in your 20s is about finding self-awareness through self-reflection - this doesn't mean getting caught up in endless self‑analysis and self-doubt. Still, it means taking an inventory of yourself and seeing where you stand. You can start this process by writing down a list of the things that make you happy. When was the last time you did these things? How often do you actually engage in these activities? It's a simple enough exercise, but it will help you determine what direction to take your life towards - consider what makes you feel good and ask yourself, when was the last time I engaged in such activities? Start living like that from now on!

6) Appreciate self-discovery for self‑improvement

Self‑discovery in your 20s is a self-development process, but self‑awareness doesn't immediately make you a better person - it's the first step towards self-improvement. However, you can start making changes in your life by appreciating self‑discovery for self-improvement. Start with small habits like taking care of yourself and nourishing your body, or exercise regularly to improve your physical and mental health. Then, you can try to explore new passions or hobbies that interest you and do things that bring you joy rather than something that pleases other people all the time... The point is to find out what YOU want from life and start living accordingly.

7) Self-discovery can help with career planning

Choosing a career path is a tough decision to make in your 20s. Especially when you just got out of 4 years of college and entering the real-life workforce. Knowing what you want to do and what makes you feel great are the best component to help with career mapping. No one wants to strick with the job they hate for the next 10-20years. But sadly, it happens to a lot of us who now reading this article. And try to find a way to get out of this life cycle.

Life can be so much more fulfilling when you take time to reflect on your current situation and how it compares with what you want for the future. You'll learn about yourself, who you want in your life, and where you stand now as a person compared to where you want to go. It's challenging to work but very rewarding because once all of this is done, everything may seem clear again - at least clearer than before! So if there are things that have been bothering or nagging at you lately that need some attention, then maybe it's time for self-discovery? We hope these tips will help you start thinking about which parts of your life need improvement first.

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