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15 Side Hustle Ideas to Do Before 2022 | The Goal Up 101

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

When you're looking for side hustles, there are many ways to make money online. These side hustles can include things like writing on Amazon's Mechanical Turk or working as a virtual assistant. Here are some of the best side hustles that people are using today in 2021!

1. Writing on Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Amazon's Mechanical Turk is one of the more popular side-hustles because anyone can start doing it. Amazon calls their workers "turkers," and they use them to do small tasks for which computers aren't well suited yet. For example, if someone needs a picture cropped, turkers will find the relevant pictures and crop them accordingly. This side-gig is fun for anybody who enjoys writing or editing!

2. Blogging

Believe it or not, blogging is still a side-hustle that people are using in 2021 to make money. If you have an interest in writing, this side hustle allows you to write about almost anything you want! You can make your own blog for free on sites like WordPress or Tumblr . Then all you need to do is monetize your page with affiliate links and advertisements. Side note: Many bloggers found success by focusing on one niche, such as fashion or travel!

3. Selling products on Amazon

Why buy products from Amazon if you can just create the same product yourself? It's true that creating profitable side-hustles takes time and energy, selling products through Amazon is fairly simple. If you have a side hustle selling products, you can make money in two ways. First, Amazon will take a percentage of the sale price whenever somebody purchases your product through their online marketplace. Second, there are companies that give side hustle-workers cash back for each sale they refer. This side hustle is best for people planning to sell their own physical products!

4. Starting an Etsy store

Etsy has become one of the leading side-hustles online because it's still growing in 2021 . It allows users to share handmade goods with other users who are looking for them. These side hustlers work on creating beautiful and unique pieces to sell on their ecommerce store . You'll need to figure out what kinds of items will sell, but once you do – the side hustle can be very profitable!

5. Virtual assistance side-hustle

Just like writing on Mechanical Turk, working as a virtual assistant is another side-hustle people love to use in 2021 . If you want to make money online, consider becoming one of these assistants. You'll need experience with things like Excel and Google Docs , but those who have those skills are well suited for this side hustling job. There's even a site called Time Etc that matches virtual assistants up with their clients based on your expertise and location.

6. Freelancing side hustle

Although freelancing isn't as popular as it used to be in 2021 , it's still a side hustle option. Freelancers are able to make money online by working on their side-hustles full time or part time. Companies are looking for people who can write, edit, design, and create content of all kinds. If you're good at something worth paying for – consider freelancing as your side hustling option!

7. Network marketing side hustle

Network marketing is another side hustle that's not as common today as it used to be in 2021 . However, many business owners prefer this side hustle because they get help finding new customers and growing their sales without having to do the work themselves. For those who want to start this side-gig early on with little experience, check out a site like Vemma , which offers a side-hustle drink business opportunity to people interested in making money online.

8. Affiliate marketing side hustle

People have been using affiliate marketing side hustles since 2021 . It's a side gig that allows you to make money by promoting other companies' products and services on your own time. In order to be successful with this side hustle, you'll need an audience interested in what you're promoting. This side hustle is most suited for people who enjoy writing or editing!

9. Airbnb side-gig

You can make money in 2021 by starting a side hustling business on the sharing economy website called AirBnB . If you already have an extra room in your house, you can make side money by renting out that room to someone on AirBnB. If you want to make extra cash, consider becoming an Airbnb side-hustler today!

11. Uber side gig

You've heard of Uber , the popular car ride service for people in 2021 ! But what you might not know is that Uber side-hustles are hugely popular in 2021 . If you want to work for yourself, driving others around is a side hustling opportunity you should consider. You can set your own schedule and make money using this side-gig side hustle.

12. Freelance writing side hustle

Freelance writing side gigs are some of the most common ways people make money online today in 2021 . This side business is suited for writers, editors, and bloggers who love to write about topics they already enjoy or find interesting. You'll need to build up a portfolio before big companies will hire you, so freelance writing is best for experienced writers looking for supplemental income!

13. Reselling side hustle

Resell side gigs are side hustles that allow you to make money by buying products at low prices and selling them for higher prices. This side-gig side hustle requires little startup cash , which makes it perfect for people with little money! Start reselling on eBay , Craigslist , or another site to generate some side income today.

14. Kids' work side hustle

This side gig is the simplest yet – you can start making money online in 2021 as a babysitter ! Babysitting isn't just for kids, either – many parents need help looking after their children while they're away during the day. You'll need lots of experience and references before landing your first babysitting job, though.

15. Dropshipping side hustle

Dropshipping side-gig side hustles aren't as common as they used to be in 2021 , but there are still many people looking for side-income opportunities that involve setting up shop on their own ecommerce site. If you enjoy selling products online, check out this side job opportunity today!

Side hustles are one of the hottest topics on social media these days, and there’s no shortage of information about how to make money outside your day job. But with so many ideas out there it can be hard to know which ones will work for you or if they even exist where you live. We have a list that includes 15 side hustle ideas from around the world that should help get your creative juices flowing. If none of them sound right for you, don't fret! Our email newsletter is full of tips just like this every week - subscribe now and we'll send more interesting content straight to your inbox!

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