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What I have learnt at 29 years old

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

This week I have been looking through my old planner and diaries, then realize that I have learned and grow so much over the years. I am still far from perfect and it is okay!

No one is perfect in this world if you are trying to be perfect 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You won't find peace and happiness here on earth. Here are 10 things that I learned at the age of 29 years old

  • Value your "me time".

Human is a social animal. We tend to depend on our S.O. or our group of friends more than spending time glowing ourselves. Personally, I can get overwhelmed and drained by spending too much time in a social setting. Well, peeps have so much energy which is good but sometimes recharging yourself after that takes so much more energy. Your time is so crucial in terms of glowing your inner and outer self. Doing what makes you feel happy and comfortable is the best path to follow. Improving high-income skills that you should have learned or crafted some piece of art for relaxing could be a great idea too.

  • Self-financial.

How many of the populations who were born in the 90s are struggling with how to manage their finance? Living on paycheque to paycheque with no saving is not fun. Believe me… I’ve been there, done that. It is a hectic feeling and depressing moment. We should find and create our personal financial methods from an early age. To be financially stable at 30 years old, imagine how sweet is that!

  • Practicing mindfulness.

Don’t you believe someone like me is into meditation? Yes, I do… my morning routine aside from a cup of Joe, meditation is one of my morning routines. I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years now. You can see the difference when you’re getting into it deeper. My mind is calm and in peace. I feel fresh and blast load of energy for a whole day after continue doing this routine for an extended period of time. I recommend using Calm App or Headspace for beginners.

  • Toxic people aren’t worth your time.

Stop hanging with some toxic people guys! They are not worth your time. I have been staying away from people who bring toxic and drama to my life for a long time. And I encourage you to do the same.

  • Travelling more.

The world is a big classroom. Don’t you agree? In the past 5 years, I’ve been actively travelling everywhere around the world. At least once a year that I have to grab my backpack and escape my city life and go somewhere new. I’ve learned more about life from everyone I met along the way some became my good friend some became my teacher. I did come out of my comfort zone as a solo traveller. I’ve seen the world more and learned more from this part of my life. Even though these past 2 years we are in a weird situation (Covid-19). I still try to make a trip to coffee in a different neighbourhood to meet new people.

  • Reading at least 1 hour a day

Aside from meditation and black coffee every morning, another routine that I’m becoming obsessed with is an app called “Flipboard,” an application that allows you to access a ton of articles from a variety of resources. From business to leisure. Believe me, reading every day can go a long way. Reading keeps your brain active and works effectively in a long run.

  • Self-care kit.

I would love to convince everyone to create your self-care kit. YES! self-care kit that contains everything that you need when you have a terrible day and mental breakdown. Putting together something that makes you happy. For example, my self-care kit includes a load of candy, my favourite hot chocolate kit, and a watercolour bag with papers. You can create your own self-care kit based on what makes you feel happy.

  • Appreciate a little thing that happens each day.

Sometimes a significant achievement makes us feel so grateful for our life, but in the same way, failure can turn our life upside down as well. Trying to appreciate a little thing in life every day is the way to overcome your semi-depression when you make a mistake or lose yourself. It is the way to train your mind to be stronger and healthier.

  • Investing

I have been invested 30% of my income in 3 different baskets. I would like to suggest everyone set up an auto-deposit to your investing account. Everyone who is in their 20s should have 3 different accounts including investing, emergency fund, and the need. I will explain more about it in the later blog.

  • Quality over quantity

I know I know we are all about sales but have you ever think about how much money you spend on this sale? SALE is a mind trick marketing that makes you consume more. I used to love sale items but most of the time either the items are outdated or off-season.

Everyone lesson and learn are different but I hope this can help anyone who struggling right now.

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